You have spent a lot of time and money developing and refining your brand, product, service, or technology or incubating and nurturing your employees to do so. It’s appropriate and responsible that you protect your intellectual property and make sure that you are suitably compensated for its use. GPS Legal can help you through the steps to guarantee your intellectual property is safeguarded.


  • Disclaimers
  • Local Domain Registration
  • Privacy Policies
  • EULAs
  • Patent Registration
  • Terms of Service/Use
  • Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • IP Agreements (IP Assignment, Licensing, Publishing, VAR, Inventions Assignment)
  • Trademark Registration


  • Registered trademarks in 29 countries for a European-style furniture designer and manufacturer based in Thailand.
  • Representing a BVI company in pursuing enforcement of Australia, China, and US patent infringements in multiple jurisdictions by a related party.
  • Analyzed Thai and international data privacy laws for client developing proprietary messaging application.