Corporate & Finance

Whether commercial contracts, debt/loan transactions, or mergers & acquisitions, we ensure your legal needs are met.

Individual & Family

Personal and family life events sometimes require legal advice.

Estate Planning

It is much better to have your affairs in order than to cause unnecessary stress and ambiguity during an emotionally difficult period.

Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Our dispute resolution experts will advocate for your best interests and resolve disagreements.

Employment & Labor

Whether an employer or employee, we assist through hiring and onboarding, or advocate through termination and disputes.

Real Estate

Relied on by commercial and private buyers, sellers, lenders, and developers, we manage the intricacies of your real estate transactions.

Business Advisory Services

Extensive local knowledge and hands-on experience provides us the know-how and insight to navigate the complex business landscape in Thailand.

Intellectual Property & Technology

Protect your intellectual property and make sure that you are suitably compensated for its use.