Minimum wage hiked for 17 skilled professions

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During this election period, you may have noticed some discussions regarding minimum wage. If your business is in certain industries, you should be prepared for the minimum wage hike for 17 types of skilled employees, including backhoe operators, nutritionists, and bartenders. The rule was announced on 10 January 2023, which means it comes into force on 11 May 2023.

The full list:

  1. Transmission worker THB495
  2. Pump and valve worker THB515
  3. Steel structure fabricator THB500
  4. Mechanical fitter THB500
  5. Robotic welding system controller THB520
  6. Robotics technician THB545-715
  7. Farm tractor mechanic THB465-620
  8. Backhoe loader operator THB585
  9. Excavator operator THB570
  10. Towing trailer operator THB555
  11. Wheel loader operator THB520
  12. Nutritionist: THB500-600
  13. Hydrotherapy specialist THB500-600
  14. Aromatherapy specialist THB500-600
  15. Bartender THB475-600
  16. Early childhood care THB530
  17. Disabled-aid technician THB520-600

If you have employees are skilled workers under any of these categories, you should make sure that you comply with the minimum wage increases as required.


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