Thailand Joins the Madrid Protocol for Trademark Registration

On 7 August 2017, Thailand officially joined the Madrid Protocol which will come into force 90 days later on 7 November 2017. The Madrid Protocol is an international trademarks protection system covering 98 countries comprising 114 legal jurisdictions.

Simplified trademark registration process for multi-jurisdiction protection

Once in force, brand and trademark owner’s resident in Thailand will be able to obtain international protection through a single application and fee process through the Department of Intellectual Property.  Foreign brand owners will also be able to apply for Thailand trademark protection from their home country.

By joining the Madrid Protocol, Thailand has further enhanced its reputation as a foreign investment destination by expediting trademark registration and protection. Strong intellectual property protection is an important facet of conducting business in the global marketplace.

Access to global trademarks information

The Madrid system provides many resources to ensure the sanctity of a registrant’s trademarks. In addition to a single application and fee regime, there is also a Global Brand Database to search marks that have already been registered as well as a database of members. This membership database provides comprehensive entries on trademark laws, regulations, and any other trademark-related information for the jurisdiction in question.

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