GPS Guide to Doing Business Featured

In the June/July issue of Wanderlust, a travel and lifestyle magazine published in Thailand, GPS Legal & Consulting collaborated with the writing team on the “An Expat’s Guide to Starting a Business in Thailand”.

Doing business in Thailand has rules

GPS Legal understands that Thailand is an attractive destination for both business and pleasure. Often, visitors will see opportunities and return to establish a venture here.

But, not everyone considers all the details required for a non-Thai to set up shop in the Land of Smiles. While it may be easy to enter and travel as a tourist, the Thai government, much like other countries, does have regulations regarding foreigners doing business in Thailand.

GPS offers general guidelines

This guide presents a quick run through of the steps an eager entrepreneur should consider taking.

  • Business and market research and feasibility for Thailand
  • Business plans and implementation strategy
  • Different Thai business structures available
  • Rules regulating foreign businesses in Thailand
  • Steps for establishing company in Thailand

There are sidebars about special situations and incentives that foreign entrepreneurs may be eligible for, as well as reminders on starting a business that could apply to local or foreign businesses.

A word of caution

It must be emphasized that the topics covered are just general discussions. The guide is meant to be a starting point for anyone interested in doing business in Thailand. There are other steps that may need to be taken, depending on the business in question. Also, the laws and regulations may change from when this guide was published.

If, after reading this guide, you are still interested in doing business in Thailand, the team at GPS Legal & Consulting would be happy to sit down with you and discuss your next steps for a successful venture here in Thailand!

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