Marriage in Thailand: Saying “I do” is Easy in the Land of Smiles

With so many beautiful locations in Thailand, it’s no wonder that it’s a popular wedding destination. Getting married in Thailand is a relatively easy process, even for foreign nationals.

What do you need to get married in Thailand?

As in most countries, the marriage ceremony itself, whether at a church or temple or on the beach or a hilltop, is merely symbolic and must be registered with the relevant authorities. If either or both of you are foreigners, you can register with the Thai authorities to legally bind your union, so you can officially begin your life as a married couple as soon as possible.

You’ll need to get the proper documents. In addition to your passports/ID cards and, for those with a previous marriage, proof of termination, such as a divorce or death certificate, you’ll need to prove that your home country recognizes marriages in Thailand. This is through a certification or affidavit from your embassy. Then you’ll need to get all these documents officially translated into Thai.

Where do you need to go to register your marriage in Thailand?

Once you have all the necessary documents, translations, and copies, all you must do is make an appointment to visit the local district office to complete the registration. You will also need two witnesses. You can bring two from your wedding party or ask the official to help arrange.

If marriage in Thailand is so easy, do you really need a lawyer for all this?

Although it seems quite simple, it doesn’t hurt to have a lawyer to look over your documents ensuring that everything is in order and avoid complications or delays. Our team at GPS Legal & Consulting are happy to help you on your most happiest of occasions!


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